About me

Hello I'm Itzíar Górriz, founder and designer of Babychi.

For many years I have been dedicated to women's fashion. I love fashion, I respect it, and I always have it in mind. It saddens me the bad use it is being made from it and the way values are getting lost. So I decided to give my profession/career a turn.

At that moment, I lived the most wonderful experience in my life, to be a mother, and since then my world, the world, is different.

One of the happiest moments of the day is bath time, I want them to feel comfortable, beautiful, bringing out their small and strong personality, with that disheveled touch... That is definitely when I most enjoy spending time with them, that is 'the moment of the day' and I want to share it!

Undertaking this project is the result of wanting to transmit what I have inside, ultimately that every children look pretty dressed in nice pajamas, while they play, have dinner and sleep. And of course, 'going back to fashion' the way I see 'my world'. 

  The Brand

Each of the garments are made from 100% ORGANIC COTTON, and it’s GOTS certified. It is a cotton cultivated in certified lands free of toxic substances and any kind of pesticide or insecticide, assuring those who cultivate decent working conditions. In addition, all the buttons we use are eco-friendly biodegradable buttons with a wooden sawdust.

It is designed in Madrid and produced by workshops in Spain, where they respect the conditions of their workers.

In short, we are a brand of children's clothing that is ecological, sustainable, and committed to the future of our planet.