The Brand

Each of the garments are made from 100% ORGANIC COTTON, and it’s GOTS certified. It is a cotton cultivated in certified lands free of toxic substances and any kind of pesticide or insecticide, assuring those who cultivate decent working conditions. In addition, all the buttons we use are eco-friendly biodegradable buttons with a wooden sawdust.

Babychi's collections are made up of nightdresses, pyjamas and robes throughout the year, differentiating two temperatures, one warmer and one colder. They are timeless, very versatile collections, since they have winter and summer garments throughout the year, with a very reduced production, in order to contribute to a sustainable fashion, which does not produce large quantities to save costs and be able to make pieces more exclusive and varied. His style is simple with a romantic touch, using plain cottons and prints that combine perfectly. Pyjamas are aimed at a client with medium-high purchasing power, who cares about quality for their children, and the care of the planet.

It is designed in Madrid and produced by workshops in Spain, where they respect the conditions of their workers.

In short, we are a brand of children's clothing that is ecological, sustainable, and committed to the future of our planet.